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This AstroEssay is in two parts. Part A is a summary of recent historical events.
Part B is an astrological analysis of those events.

Part A - Backstory

Al Gore is a man of his word. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for tireless, selfless and diligent activities for planetary healing. In response, he declared, "I am deeply honored to receive the Nobel Peace Prize." ... "My wife, Tipper, and I will donate 100 percent of the proceeds of the award to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan non-profit organization that is devoted to changing public opinion in the U.S. and around the world about the urgency of solving the climate crisis."
-- from blog.algore.com

"Al Gore has for a long time been one of the world's leading environmentalist politicians. He became aware at an early stage of the climatic challenges the world is facing. His strong commitment, reflected in political activity, lectures, films and books, has strengthened the struggle against climate change. He is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted." -- Nobelprize.org

In keeping with the powerful and harmonious influence of a compassionate and generous Neptune in his chart (in my opinion he handles Neptune superbly) he stated, "My wife, Tipper, and I will donate 100 percent of the proceeds of the award to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan non-profit organization that is devoted to changing public opinion in the U.S. and around the world about the urgency of solving the climate crisis." He also said, "We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity."
-- blog.algore.com

Below are excerpts from Mr. Gore's Nobel Prize acceptance speech: --from http://thinkprogress.org/gore-nobel-speech/

"Sometimes, without warning, the future knocks on our door with a precious and painful vision of what might be." "It is time to make peace with the planet."

"The distinguished scientists with whom it is the greatest honor of my life to share this award have laid before us a choice between two different futures, a choice that, to my ears, echoes the words of an ancient prophet: 'Life or death, blessings or curses. Therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.' We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency, a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here. But there is hopeful news, as well: we have the ability to solve this crisis and avoid the worst-though not all-of its consequences, if we act boldly, decisively and quickly."

"We must abandon the conceit that individual, isolated, private actions are the answer. They can and do help. But they will not take us far enough without collective action. At the same time, we must ensure that in mobilizing globally, we do not invite the establishment of ideological conformity and a new lockstep 'ism.' That means adopting principles, values, laws and treaties that release creativity and initiative at every level of society in multifold responses originating concurrently and spontaneously. This new consciousness requires expanding the possibilities inherent in all humanity. The innovators who will devise a new way to harness the sun's energy for pennies or invent an engine that's carbon negative may live in Lagos or Mumbai or Montevideo. We must ensure that entrepreneurs and inventors everywhere on the globe have the chance to change the world." --

"In the Kanji characters used in both Chinese and Japanese, "crisis" is written with two symbols, the first meaning "danger," the second, "opportunity."

Part B - AstroIndications

Natal Promise: Mr. Gore's birth chart has a close midpoint cluster linked to receiving of scientific or academic awards and positive, trustworthy work for peace (It is the Nobel PEACE prize, after all.) The directed Midheaven for the Washington birthplace tightly replicates this cluster for the time of the award. In effect, it is strongly present both in the birth chart and the directions for the birthplace.

Mr. Gore has the perfect chart for receiving the Nobel Prize in Oslo, Norway. Midpoints to the fixed local MC in his relocated chart show spiritual direction, compassion, service, atonement, to give generously from the heart linked to transformation, implementation of change and renewal related to shared concerns related to decay or degeneration in the environment and influential communications relating to power and authority. The making of persuasive speeches in a group with membership and success in large or well-known associations related to financial gains (he gave the whole prize away, however). Demonstration of resolute persistence or continuity in work in demanding circumstances. To be honored with large-scale success and influence related to scientific, peace-oriented or academic professional activities related to the life purpose.

Midpoints to the fixed local Ascendant show television, broadcasting or video in the environment, deep concern for others, demonstration of excellence and leadership related to environmental disadvantages, members of a public-spirited and responsible organization in the environment, widespread or world-class publicity, eventful teamwork, professional successes among scholars, to make a sacrifice for the sake of distinguished, extraordinary or important partners or coworkers, assemblies, meetings and gatherings.

Solar Arc Directions show a time of personal transformation, an opportunity to completely change his image, relationships, and self at a deep level, and a dramatic, one of a kind occurrence related to clearing out the attitudes or habits of the past and establishing new, more effective or fulfilling circumstances, perhaps with a scientific or skilled psychological interpretive approach. A directed midpoint cluster related to the receipt of awards had just barely entered orb and was being triggered by a midpoint related to the fulfillment ofmajor ambitions and large sums of money. There was also a cluster showing awareness of very diseased or polluted water and air linked to the potential deterioration of freedom. Also, to come into extraordinary wealth or power related to teamwork or partnership and a lucky change of location.

Also shown are the receiving of prestige, prominence, ascent or mastery for one's accomplishments related to leadership, to advocate one's profound truth and integrity related to one's spiritual motives, enlightened and fundamental understanding or convictions about humanity, work to build trust, pursuit of clearly defined goals related to historical causal connections related to decline or decrease and the earth, to see the overview, to conserve, historical speeches related to the future and to chronic conditions of ice, fluids or air. Interestingly enough, entertainment, attractiveness, popularity or love related to women and/or a loving marriage are indicated. There are also financial increases relating to or for others, successful or wealthy people in the environment, facing important responsibilities with a powerful sense of duty, caution, hard work, dealing with old patterns or karmic problems or obstacles, the fulfillment of past events or decisions, to advocate reforms, technical or scientific people and television or film equipment in the environment.

Donovan Leitch – a Celebrity AstroBiography
© 2006, by Misty Day

Birth Data: May 10, 1946, 6:15 a.m. BST -1:00, Glasgow, Scotland, 55N53, 004W15. (If you want a copy of the chart you can e-mail me for it at Timesmithing@juno.com.)

Donovan is, above all, a spiritual being, interested in bringing peace and beauty to the world, signified by his Sun’s placement in Taurus in the 12th house. He was one of the popularizers of meditation and higher consciousness in the ‘60s. He has a shy and reclusive side (at the height of his popularity he retired to the forest to live in a lilac-colored cottage on which he labored himself, with no electricity or plumbing.) The Sun is at 19 Taurus : **A new continent, fresh and green, rises out of the ocean.** (This is known as the Atlantean Degree. Donovan wrote a hit song about Atlantis.) It signifies a robust, lush new phase. Something miraculous [green = money, land!]. Clear potentiality for tangible manifestation, accrual of material abundance (property, goods and services). Overflowing, spontaneous, rich creative originality (yes, indeed). Innovations/improvements happening in a special way.

Donovan was born with Venus rising conjunct Uranus in Gemini square a Virgo Moon, which underscores his highly original, artistic and unique intellectual qualities, language skills, and tendency to travel, while encouraging flirtatiousness and sociability. Venus-Uranus angular indicate an electric, exciting, magnetic and attractive nature, sensual, fascinating and charming. Although there is a tendency to develop many superficial relationships, the need for independence is also strong. This could appear to be ambivalence or unpredictability to an observer. Venus’ degree symbol is 14 Gemini : **Two persons, living far apart, in telepathic communication.** Conscious mastery of space-time limits in order to move beyond the ordinary manifestation of existence. To have an awareness of the basic realities in situations. To have intuitive guidance. To be aware of a higher, helpful frequency. Chums who are connected intuitively and aware of one another's presence. Symbiotic inspiration. Clairvoyance and clairaudience. Spiritual guides. To have a friend or a group of friends helping from other planes of existence. Companionship. Uranus’ degree is **A woman activist makes a declaration [or gesture] to a crowd.** Rising to the occasion in order to seek recognition by others of the needs and values of inner being. Assertion of one's ideas. Formal declaration of fundamental truths and beliefs. To present one's opinions to a group. An Educational Degree. (The gender distinction is not necessary – however, Donovan attracted women activists – such as Joan Baez). The Moon’s degree is 13 Virgo : **A powerful statesperson wins to his cause an excited group.** The power of personality as an incarnation of group ideals. Sublimation of motives, transmutation of energies. To develop a group into an organization through effective and helpful leadership. Channelization of group motives through the talents and commitments of a figurehead which can serve them. The Moon is in the 5th house, focusing Donovan’s considerable charisma through entertainment, romance, and an interest in children. Many of his songs are written for children, although they can be enjoyed by anyone. And, he wrote song lyrics about his daughter, Celeste.

Donovan has a conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Leo in the 4th house. The soul was born at a seed moment of profound importance. This can confer the urge to change things: to regenerate, transform, and purify. Energy becomes available to unite, transform, share power and territory. Courage is increased. Teamwork, therapy, yoga are favored. There is intensity of expression, renewal, redemption, and purification. This conjunction can indicate great candor, passion and its exact opposite, assertiveness, unexpected or unorthodox surprises. Leo’s influence reinforces the ego, leading to a theatrical and flamboyant quality. The desire for leadership becomes important. These traits were sourced in the parental home and family environment, and are likely to lead to a desire to rule in the home, where his word could become law, if he doesn’t overdo the tendency to demand what he wants.

Jupiter is in Libra, a sign of the peacemaker (Donovan wrote moving songs protesting against war). There is a strong concern for justice. It gives the ability to be a diplomatic teacher who expresses spiritual values in relationships and with the public, and respect for the equality of individuals. This position of Jupiter gives refined aesthetics and artistic skills. Jupiter’s degree is 20 Libra : **A young rabbi sits contentedly in a room lined with books.** An interest in permanent, rather than transient values. Accumulation of ancient, true wisdom brought forward into modern day language and use. Competent service. Libraries? Writing, teaching, studiousness; to have knowledge. (This degree is also Paul Simon’s Sun degree – indicating that the two poets may have influenced one another’s work and that there may have been benevolence between them.) Jupiter trines the rising Venus-Uranus conjunction – indicating great resources, intelligence, inventiveness, and popularity, with big productions and gatherings — and a tendency to think in abstractions, «outside the box ». This aspect can give a talent for putting others at ease, and can win their support and appreciation by being inventive, original, and unique. Natural enthusiasms may be contagious. Larger-than-life dreams and plans may pay well in real life. Publishing, legal matters, agencies and representatives, education, travel, vows and pledges are likely to be easy and enjoyable. It is a positive energy for weddings, parties, dances, concerts, excursions with friends and loved ones, and long-distance travel. Jupiter squares Saturn in Cancer in the 3rd house, deepening the intellect and training the mind toward profundity. There is a need to strike a compromising balance or make a choice between personal goals and other responsibilities, with a need to break out of restrictions and inhibitions inherited from the past, and high motivation to restructure staid, outworn areas of one’s life. Usually there is great ambition, along with the necessity to pay for it, and to work hard. Resources accrue, but so do obligations. Ancestral or cultural patterns, especially in a historical context, may have a profound effect upon the character. Issues of authority and worthiness may capture the attention. Generations of responsibility, previous and following, may occupy the consciousness. Sometimes with this square there is a tendency to put oneself down and to feel inadequate in comparing oneself to others. It is essential to develop a belief in one’s own abilities. There can be a feeling that one has taken on too much responsibility and a desire to withdraw from commitments. (Cher and Woody Allen have Jupiter square Saturn also.)

Saturn is at 21 Cancer : **An operatic prima donna sings to a bejeweled audience.** Elevation and popularization of ideals and values through art as an important social factor. Supreme realization of the life ambition. Financial success and popularity. Donovan’s Saturn is conjunct the Uranus position of the children born in the 50’s who were influenced by his writing. This makes sense, because Saturn is in the 3rd house of intellect and the written and spoken word. His verbal and written utterances (3rd house) caused a great sensation of excitement (Uranus) among those children. And, they brought him professional fame and recognition (Saturn sextile the Sun and co-ruler of the professional Midheaven).

Donovan’s Midheaven is in the last degree of Capricorn : **Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference. Spiritual leadership.** Help from above. This energy indicates both spiritual and material assistance. The Moon and Venus-Uranus conjunction both sesquare the Midheaven, creating what is known as Thor’s Hammer. This powerful configuration compelled him into the spotlight due to his charming, romantic and engaging manner, and fascinated women and young girls. Sometimes this may have provoked a feeling of discomfort or irritation, though, evident in some of his songs.

Neptune in Libra in the 6th house trines Venus. This can bring sensitivity, refinement, idealism, good taste in friendship, love, and art, with enjoyment of fantasy, and accurate aesthetic judgments. A lofty desire for distant, better, or ideal, even ecstatic, experiences may lead to further refinement of self, especially through mystical incidents, artistic expression, poetry, and music. There is also a great and pleasant connection to the sea (Donovan traveled with staff from National Geographic via boat to Greece, and his songs about the sea and its denizens are legendary):

«Fine rock-pooling coast
The Starfish-on-the-Toast
The men in the crabbin’ boats they cry
Far across the harbor
Along the sandy cove
The Shepherd with his pipe and sheepy drove
Big cloud tumblin’ high
The Amazing Flying Sky
How the gulls are pillaging the town
Fanfaring daffodilly
Trumpetingly small
All along the bathing hut wall
Far along the empty beach
The tide has left a world
Old men in tweed find study there
Holding whelks and periwinkles
Tingling in his hand
Little does he know they hold him too.»

The Part of Fortune reveals a place of luck, joy and happiness. It is at 5 Libra : **Inspired disciples listen to the words of their teacher.** Knowledge and experience put to the test. Greatness calling its own to itself. Ordered seeking, transcending of appearances.

Eclipses before and after the birth signify important and powerful energies which can result in character traits: The previous eclipse was at 13 Capricorn: **A light-worshipper is meditating beneath snow-clad peaks.** Consciousness of Unity. Depth of soul-realization and recognition of the Divine essence. To conquer the self and the mind in order to become aware of the wonders in meditation. (For which Donovan is famed – he traveled to India to meet with gurus and practiced meditation, leading to ecstatic states.) And, the eclipse following the birth was at 9 Gemini: **An archer with bow and arrow.** To be prepared, well-empowered, properly trained, and to excel. Sure focus, confident self-direction, invisible help and guidance. [A Writer's Degree. Arrows signify swift thoughts and may be symbolic of writing implements.] To have the tools to accomplish the task. To be accurate and quick. The next following eclipse helped him to manifest the Lilac Cottage, at 24 Sagittarius: **The Bluebird of Happiness lights upon a little cottage.** The blessings bestowed upon all who are true to themselves. Unexpected assistance, happiness. Sheer good fortune. Donovan also responded to the following eclipse, at 7 Cancer: **In a moonlit elven glade, two fairies are dancing.** Recognition of the elusive play of underlying creative and generative energies in nature. Cooperation with the invisible. Unusual good luck. A Deva Degree. (Fairy tales and legends were scattered throughout his more popular works.)

Misty Day, C.A.P.
(c) 2007, Misty Day

I was recently asked to take a quick look at Michael Moore’s chart for an online e-zine.
Michael Moore is a progressive filmmaker (Sicko, Farenheit 9/11) who champions the causes of the working class. Astrodatabank gives Mr. Moore’s data as 4/23/1954, 12:45 p.m., Flint, Michigan.

Placidean 8th house degree is “A girl blowing a bugle.” For Narnians, this is Queen Susan's horn, sounded to call a Higher Power to set things right. Announcements. Outspokenness. To openly support a cause. To call to others for support of a dream. Sometimes self-righteousness.

Sun in Taurus culminating opposite Saturn in Scorpio illustrate an ambitious, obdurate resolve to carry on despite hindrances linked to habits or structures calling for renewal and healing – perhaps related to life or death issues. He can be wily and persuasive. Sun’s degree symbol is “The rainbow's pot of gold glows amid the sparkling rain” denoting a strong call to power related to providence, spiritually-based love, and fulfillment of heavenly vows. Saturn’s degree, “Deep sea divers,” is courageous, purposeful and daring, questing after mysteries. Mr. Moore has Mars conjunct Moon in Capricorn in the 5th trine Sun, sextile Saturn, stimulating avid keenness to scramble up precipitous gradients (metaphorically, at least) in pursuit of challenges daunting others, linked to didactic teaching and entertainment. Mars-Moon degree: “Merry-makers embark in a big canoe on a lantern-lit lake.” Externalization through individuals of the collective ideals of the group. Having fun together. He plays the guitar a bit, and people find him funny – the latter a characteristic of Saturn-Capricorn with enough self-esteem.

Then, he’s got a cute little Jupiter-Venus semisextile which shows in his rolypolyness and optimistic streak, linked to friends and organizations sustaining and expanding his popularity (Jupiter 11th). Humanitarian compassion and teaching again come up through the Jupiter-Neptune trine. He tends to express this through the written and spoken word (Neptune in 3rd, degree symbol: “An airborne golden leaf teaches instruction to a curious schoolchild.”. Persuasive leadership, inspiration employed for propaganda purposes are shown by the Mercury-Pluto trine in fire signs. Mercury-Pluto shows up for interviews, Q&A sessions and research, getting to the root of matters, proving a point, emphatic declarations, power to bring transformation to groups in speech and in writing. Pretty much him.

11th cusp degree: “A world-famous pianist begins to play to a huge audience.” Celebrity.

Midpoint structures of solar arc directed MC for the release of “Sicko” include facing something rather nasty and worrisome linked to increase, health issues, and fame.

Mr. Gore's Historic Copenhagen Speech
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